Tarp Stakes 10″ Reviews




“These tarp spikes are the best that I have seen yet. They are very well made, and I should get a lot of years of them. So for anyone who is looking for Tarp Spikes for either setting up some type of outdoor shelter, or to replace those flimsy spikes that come with a tent, then this is the way to go.”~ Sadie


“I use these for our big canvas tent. They are well made and hold really well. They are not light; I wouldn’t consider taking them backpacking but for car camping they are perfect. They were shipped directly from the manufacturer and arrived well before expected. The ground where I live is really hard and so it takes a bit of hammering to get them into the rocky soil. That hammering has caused the paint to flake off on the tops. If you want them to look pristine then don’t hit them with a hammer. I knew when I purchased them that I would be using a hammer on them and I was fully expecting the paint to chip so that didn’t bother me but I imagine that it could be an issue for some people. Despite being used in some rather wet conditions at times I haven’t noticed any rust appear on them even on the spots where the paint was missing. Even with all the pounding and getting them stuck against something solid in the ground (who knows what it was) I haven’t managed to bend any of them yet.”~ Brian


” I found this stake online while looking for a solution to putting up some signage for our hotel and not only did they work beautifully they are well made, cost effective and got to us very fast.” ~ Linda


“Not for the ultra-light hiker, but for the rest of us … awesome! If you deal with the concrete clay of the eastern US… BUY Monk Stakes! Period!..”  ~ Mark


“I lucked across these 10″ tarp stakes while trying to find a solution for a chain link fence issue. I have a way too smart 10 month old English bulldog who figured out how to push his way under my fence. Once I installed these stakes in between the posts, he could no longer stretch the fence to get out. These $0.92 stakes are keeping my $2000 pup in where he’s safe! Very simple solution and only took a second per stake to install. The stakes are well made and should last a lifetime. Thanks for a quick, easy, durable and affordable solution!..” ~ Todd

Absolutely love my Monk Stakes… We use the 10″ stakes for our tarps and all of our inflatables get no less than an 18″ stake. Stakes go through this hard Tennessee dirt with ease, a little tap and a pull with another stake and they come right out…~ Ralph

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