Since 1981, our company has served the military nationwide. Our stakes have been used all over the world to anchor the tents of our men and women in harm’s way. The quality of our mil spec stakes is second to none.

In 2009, after many years of requests from the commercial market, the line of commercial tent stakes was launched using the same production process which has been refined through years of manufacturing steel stakes for the U.S. Military.

Tent stakes begin with the raw material. For our stakes, this is premium quality steel with a high carbon content for strength and durability. We source our steel from U.S. steel mills only. We never purchase the lower quality foreign steels.

Once the steel arrives at our facility, it is thoroughly inspected to make sure it meets our stringent specifications. After inspection, it moves to our machining department to be cut to length and have a 60 degree point machined on one end of the stake. We are very particular about the machining of the point. We want our stake points to be very consistent from stake to stake. We want each of them to drive with ease.

Next, the stakes move to our forging department where the head end, of the stake, is heated cherry red to allow the rope hook to be forged on the stake.



After the forged stakes cool to room temperature, they go through a grinding process to remove any burrs or sharp edges from around the rope hook. Many manufacturers skip this step and leave the sharp edges which will fray ropes over time.

After the grinding process the stakes are cleaned and painted with a special industrial enamel. This enamel is then “baked” which creates a super hard coating which last for years.

All of our stakes go through a complete final inspection before they are packed for shipment to our customers.