Q. Can your tent stakes be driven into frozen ground or pavement?

  1. Our 12″ military stakes, NSN: 8340-00-823-7451 are (heat treated) hardened and work great for frozen ground, pavement and other hard surfaces.
  2. (Note: We are working on an 18″ heat treated stake which should be available in limited quantities  early 2016 )


Q. Do you offer metal stakes in colors other than those shown on your website?

  1. Yes. For volume orders we can paint in any color you request.


Q. How much do your tent stakes weigh?

  • 5/8 x 12″ = 1.38 lbs.
  • 5/8 x 18″ = 1.63 lbs.
  • 5/8 x 24″ = 2.20 lbs.
  • Tarp stake 5/16 x 10″ = .25 lbs.
  • Tarp stake 5/16 x12″ = .30 lbs.


Q. Do you make different diameter stakes?

  1. Yes. We make a 5/16 (.3125) diameter stake. We offer these in 10″ and 12″ lengths.


Q. What is the difference between tent stakes, tent pegs and tent pins?

  1. In the United States, most people refer to the steel spikes that are used to anchor tents as tent stakes. In England, they are more commonly referred to as tent pegs. The United States Military refers to them as tent pins.


Q. How fast will my order ship?

  1. All small package orders recieved by 2:00pm EST will ship out the same day. Orders recieved after 2:00pm EST will ship out the following day. We also have the capability to ship freight if shipping over 150 lbs. Please contact us at 423-639-7124 for a freight quote.


Q. Do you have a special stake for hunters?

  1. Many Elk hunters purchase our 12″ military stake for use in frozen ground. Our new 18 inch heat treated stake may be a good option as well if you need more holding power (or peace of mind). If frozen ground is not a problem, many hunters order our orange 12″ or 18″ stakes.


Q. Can your metal stakes be used to anchor inflatables?

  1. Yes. Our stakes are used extensively in the inflatable industry. Yellow and orange are the most popular colors for our inflatable customers.


Q. Can you recommend the proper size and number of stakes for my tent or inflatable?

  1. Because every manufacturer’s tents and inflatables anchor differently, we suggest you use their recommendations concerning size and number of stakes.