Forged Head 18″ Reviews

“Heavy and hard, we used these on an old military tent and they work perfectly.”~ Brennan

“I believe these must be the strongest tent stakes that mere mortals could ever find. If you need to REALLY stake something down so it doesn’t blow away, try either the 12 inch or (gasp) 18-inch stakes — even in sand! These are solid steel… which gives them extreme strength but at the penalty of weight. These are heavy. If you are car camping, RV’ing or using these at home, you won’t mind the weight. These are VERY well made (USA) and the paint should help prevent rust – though the top will obviously take a beating when pounding them in. I doubt that you could get them to bend — or at least you’d have to be trying very hard. I bought a small 4-pound hammer (elsewhere) for installing these stakes, which was very helpful and I would recommend (heavy enough to do the job but not too heavy to swing). If you need a very strong stake and weight is not an issue, look no further.”  ~ Mark

“Very sturdy. I’ll be using these to steady a 50 foot flag pole in 50+mph winds, where the ground is almost rock-like. From the looks of the construction, these will work quite nicely.”  ~ Andrew

“A little pricey but well worth it. Easy to pound in and pull out. These stakes are heavy duty and should last longer than me.”~LB

“I used these to stake down the four corners of my Kodiak tent at Burning Man. These were great. I preferred them to the rebar that I used in the past.”

“Best tent stakes hands down. I did my research and you can’t beat the quality of these. Get them directly from Monk Industries though, may or may not get them cheaper that way.”

“These steel stakes are very high quality. I used them to anchor a 10 ft. x 20 ft. car canopy. I put the canopy on top of asphalt. After drilling starter holes, I drove these into the pavement. They have been working well in 35 mph winds.”  ~ Dwight

“Arrived several days early, nicely packaged. Stakes look great, just what I wanted. Extremely sturdy, can be used for years and years!”  ~Thomas

” Just as described, great craftsmanship, very pleased A+++” Mowens0033

“We received the shipment today.  Amazing how big and heavy these stakes are.  They should be perfect for our application.  We appreciate your expert packing job!”~ Shelley

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