Stake Your Preference Contest

Week 3 Giveaway: April 17- April 23 , 2016
 “Stake Your Preference” Contest
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$75.00 Gift Certificate To Shop at
Winner will be drawn and announced April 24
Monk Industries is a family-owned and operated business. As a company, we want to make your life
easier if possible. We know convenience with a personal touch can be one less stressful part of your
business day.
Complete the survey below and enter the chance to win this week’s “Stake Your Preference” contest.
Please take our  7 question survey to help us in order to help you! If you prefer to contact us directly,
please feel free to do so by phone at (423) 639-7124. This survey will be used for our production
planning purposes only. Survey submissions will go directly to our email for entry. We want to hear from you! Please share with us….

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    What size stakes do you purchase or would consider purchasing in your industry from any vendor?

    What style stakes do you use? Ex. military, hook, single-headed, double- headed, forged, metal, steel, wooden, etc.

    What is the primary use of the stakes you are currently using?

    Are there products that you can recommend we start manufacturing?
    If yes, please comment

    Do you primarily shop online from a smartphone or computer?

    Have you previously purchased from Monk Industries?

    If so, please let us know what we are doing right or what we could do to improve?