Forged Head 12″ Stake Reviews

“Really sturdy, solid, amazing product. Highly recommend if you’re in a high wind situation.”~ Kenton

“The last tent stake you will ever buy, serious! If your looking for a hardcore tent stake, look no further these bad boys are hefty. These actually feel exactly like what the military uses on the big GP tents. If you like to camp in high wind areas or are just sick of the cheap little tent pegs included with tents these days stop and try these out. We use these for car camping so weight is no issue and these will drive into the toughest ground, but don’t forget the mallet or hammer to drive these into the ground. These things are so burly I would guess they could be used in the walking dead to slay zombies!”   ~ Daniel

“Excellent product for tents and or pool covers. Cast Steel with an adequate length, they will not bend of course they are heavy in weight.”~ Robert

“When these said heavy duty, I didn’t really realize to what extent, and I guess I didn’t anticipate the actual size of them either. These are not weak little aluminum stakes that you will get from your local sporting goods store. These things are massive, thick, and ready to take a beating into the most stubborn and dense ground. I would feel confident tying a boat off to one of these on the shore of the river.”~Jake

“These tent stakes are unstoppable. We recently used these stakes during a Boy Scout summer camp at Buffalo Trails Scout Ranch in West Texas where the ground is basically nothing but rocks. The camp-provided tent stakes were used valves from I believe diesel engines…or some other large type of engine. Several of the “diesel valve” stakes were bent and some shattered while trying to be driven in to the ground. The 12″ stakes from Monk Industries went right in with a fraction of the effort. I would definitely recommend these stakes if you are looking for something that is very durable and able to handle the hardest of ground.”~ Eric

“Great investment, since you’ll never need other stakes. Easy to remove trick: Just hit them on the side left and right, quiet hard few times, and pull them up with your fingers. They will never loose their shape.” ~Arie

“The stakes are like stakes on “steroids” – Seriously, they are very thick steel spikes, that dig DEEP into the ground (very thick and sturdy). I believe these are the same tent stakes/spikes I used in the military (very heavy duty)” ~Johnnie

“Your tent may be airborne in a tornado, but ropes & stakes will stay in place. Heavy duty’s an understatement” ~ Dan

“Finally stakes we can’t bend! Use these to anchor our volleyball set. They are awesome. So thick you can’t bend them but pointed on the end so they go in fine. And a straight stake is easier to remove.”

“These just arrived and though I haven’t used them yet, they’re as heavy duty as promised. the workmanship is excellent and I have no worries that they’ll withstand high desert winds.” ~Patricia

“These stakes are HEAVY. Using these for backpacking, only bringing a few. Might be better for securing a hammock tarp and tent if the rod had a Y or X shape, though the weight of these will probably prove to be reliable in harsh climates.”

“Used these stakes last weekend–outstanding quality! I cannot see myself bending these stakes. We have a Springbar canvas tent which relies heavily on stakes, I really like these heavy duty stakes.” ~ BR

These will hold your tent in the ground and with a big enough hammer could be hammered through a rock. As expected these are VERY heavy tent stacks. ~Delores

“I purchased 12 of the 12 inch forged head stakes, unpainted, after bending or breaking several tent stakes in rocky soil. These arrived today (September 2020) by UPS. Have not used them yet but I can say this: You will never bend these stakes, they will never break. They are too heavy for backpacking, in case you are thinking of that. ~ Martin

Just what I was hoping to find – the last tent stakes I will ever buy.”

Go on and get over the price cause you nor your great great great grandkids won’t ever need to replace due to damage.~SS

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